Deepin File Manager v1.0 released - Simple but sophisticated

The Deepin Technology has unveiled Deepin File Manager v1.0, first release of simple, easy to use, advanced file manager. This file manager is functionally similar to other file managers, but additionally it provides sophisticated features like clean navigation bar, intelligent search feature, different views, improved user experience ..etc.

Credit : Deepin Technology
Some notable highlights of Deepin file manger includes:
  • Offers a simple and refreshing user experience - Traditional side bar facilitate easier navigation between different directories and partitions. Different file listings are available
  • Intelligent search feature to locate files easily - Navigation bar combined with search feature which will allow easy switching between file navigation and search.
  • Context menu options to perform all common operations - Context menu includes all common operations like open, open with, send to desktop, add bookmark, open in terminal, copy, move, delete, properties, rename, compress ..etc
  • Better status information, clear progress information for tasks like file copy, file move ..etc
For more information and screen shots, see release announcement published in Deepin blog.

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