Budgie Desktop 10.2.6 released

Mr ikeydoherty, founding developer of Solus project, announced release of budgie desktop 10.2.6, latest stable release of lightweight, user friendly desktop environment built over GNOME 3 stacks. Budgie is flagship desktop of Solus - an independently evolved rolling GNU/Linux distribution. However, it is available for other major GNU/Linux distributions like Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Arch linux ..etc.

Budgie desktop 10.2.6 comes 3 months after previous release. It comes with a lot refinements and bug fixes including translation related bug fixes, theming issue resolutions, improved transition effects, user friendly shortcuts, improved applets, modified Run Dialog, ..etc.

Budgie Desktop in Solus 1.2
A complete list of changes can be found in release notes posted in github repository.
  • Sync more translations and fix untranslatable strings
  • Fix theming issues on GtkSwitchs
  • Fix panel slide in effect for a more optimal view
  • Enforce certain applications to obey the icon theme on the IconTasklistApplet
  • Enable compatibility with GNOME Terminal notifications
  • Add fade-out effect for tile previews
  • Add Spotify compatibility (MPRIS no longer hangs)
  • Enable dismissing of Raven by clicking on the desktop instead of just active windows
  • Fix out-of-tree builds using the native Budgie Panel Applet API, which enables the building of Budgie Applets for packaging
  • Improve listbox navigation when adding applets (i.e. allow using the keyboard navigation and enter key)
  • Fixed rendering issues on collapsible widgets inside Raven (no more tearing)
  • Improve notifications UX (use a placeholder in absence of active notifications)
  • Improve wallpaper performance through explicit caching
  • Various tray applet fixes
  • Improve support within Budgie for theming, enabling per-gtk-version themes to be discovered, and correctly isolating cursor and icon themes which share a highly similar standard
  • Implement the first revision of the AppSystem for better identification of the .desktop file belonging to running applications, enable far more applications to be pinned to the Budgie Panel (such as GNOME GtkApplications)
  • Stop notifications from expanding Raven to a silly width
  • Fix missing Budgie PolKit Auth Icon
  • Integrate gnome-screensaver with an autostart file. In the near future this will be replaced with budgie-screensaver
  • Fix battery update issues
  • Replaced the Run Dialog (ALT+F2) with a more modern effort that better integrates into the Budgie 10 style.
  • Allowed Notifications to (ab)use the icon field of a notification dbus message to provide an image path, in addition to already supporting the image-path dbus hint, so that Lollypop can show cover-art in its notifications.
  • Fixed calendar issues in Raven
  • Redesigned Budgie Menu
  • Consistent Raven Toggle Behaviour
  • Introduction of Super+A shortcut to go directly to Raven Applet View, with Super+N opening the Raven Notifications View
  • Many code cleanups
  • Many more, unmentioned changes

Budgie 10.2.6 is last planned release in 10.2 series. Next schedule release of Budgie Desktop is 10.3 and it will be another major mile stone in history of this beautiful desktop environment.  Budgie desktop 10.3 will be completely rewritten in C, instead of mixing C and Vala together. This will help it be more close to hardware and hence more optimized. Other plans for Budgie 10.3 includes:
  • gnome-screensaver will be replaced with budgie-screensaver, which is currently a lightly modified version of the now dead-upstream gnome-screensaver to integrate fully with modern GNOME settings and the Budgie UX. The code will also be updated, cleaned, and undergo static analysis in tandem with the Budgie C Rewrite
  • lightdm-budgie-greeter will be made available to all and will be the default Budgie greeter. It is assumed vendors will recommend LightDM with their packaging as GDM is entirely dependent on gnome-shell and there is absolutely no way around this, as gnome-shell provides the entire UI. This is inappropriate for most vendors and remixes.
Budgie Desktop 10.2.6 can be downloaded from official repository of budgie desktop.

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