Voyager Live 16.04 offers a smooth linux adventure : Review

Voyager Live 16.06 is a Xubuntu 16.04 based GNU/Linux distribution and live media with Xfce Desktop environment. Voyager Live 16.06 comes with applications AWN(Avant Window Navigator) - a dock like application and conky - a program that displays useful information on background to improve user experience.

The Linux Insider portal has published a review of Voyager Live 16.04. This review observes that Voyager is a success in providing a novel alternative for Xubuntu, however at down side, it is more aligned towards French language and there are some branding issues. Other than that, Voyager has a good appearance and provide smooth performance.

Voyager Live 16.04 is a Linux distro that could be an ideal choice for everyday computing tasks -- but first it has to step away from its branding with Xubuntu.

The once-per-year release of Voyager Live, which hit servers last month, is an Xubuntu-based distribution showcasing the Xfce 4.12.2 desktop environment. Its features include the Avant Window Navigator, or AWN (a dock-like navigation bar), a limited Conky desktop display of basic system information, and more than 300 photographs and animations that can be used as desktop backgrounds. It will receive three years of security updates.

I reviewed the Voyager-X release last year and found it somewhat lacking. Despite a catchy redesign with customizations of both Xubuntu and Xfce, this latest release continues to suffer from the same basic shortcomings -- mostly branding issues resulting from a lack of attention to details.
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