Tails 2.4 released with Tor browser 6.0.1

The Tails project has unveiled Tails 2.4, latest stable release of Debian based GNU/Linux distribution that focus more attention on privacy and security. Tails 2.4 is coming with Tor browser 6.0.1 which is based on Mozilla firefox 45.

Tails 2.4 has automated account configuration for Icedove - a Debian branded email client based on Thunderbird - which will automatically identify required parameters to connect to email server based on email address provided.

Some features and updates in Tails 2.4 includes:
  • We enabled the automatic account configuration of Icedove which discovers the correct parameters to connect to your email provider based on your email address. We improved it to rely only on secure protocol and we are working on sharing these improvements with Mozilla so that users of Thunderbird outside Tails can benefit from them as well.
  • Update Tor Browser to 6.0.1, based on Firefox 45.
  • Remove the preconfigured #tails IRC channel. Join us on XMPP instead!
  • Always display minimize and maximize buttons in titlebars. (#11270)
  • Remove GNOME Tweak Tool and hledger. You can add them back using the Additional software packages persistence feature.
  • Use secure HKPS OpenPGP key server in Enigmail.
  • Harden our firewall by rejecting RELATED packets and restricting Tor to only send NEW TCP syn packets.
For more information on this release, see release announcement published by Tails team.


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