SolydXK 2016.06 released

The SolydXK development team announced release of SolydXK 2016.06, latest stable release of Debian based GNU/Linux distribution featuring KDE and Xfce desktop environments. It was earlier started as a flavor of Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE). When Linux Mint dropped Debian based distribution, SolydXK team decided to independently maintain two Debian based distributions SolydX and  SolydK featuring Xfce and KDE environments respectively.

SolydXK 2016.06 is coming with some notable features which includes:
  • Firefox ESR is now used from Debian repository instead of custom built and installed from the SolydXK repository.
  • You can now use custom mount points in the Live Installer. Double click on a partition to select a pre-defined mount point or write your custom mount point.
  • Improved command handling of SolydXK applications for the Enthusiast’s Editions.
  • The SolydXK scripts were moved from /usr/local/bin to /usr/bin.
  • Grizzler improved the /usr/bin/apt script. Run apt in terminal to see a list of commands with explanation.
  • SolydX RPI has been built from scratch and is based on Raspbian.
  • And many more smaller changes
For additional details, see release announcement published in SolydXK website.

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