Slackel 6.0.6 Openbox released with UEFI support

The Slackel project announced release of Slackel 6.0.6 Openbox, latest stable release of Slackware/Salix based GNU/Linux distribution featuring Openbox window manager.

Slackel 6.0.6 comes with several updated software packages and improvements. This release of Slackel provides live and installation images separately for 32 and 64 bit architectures. The 64 bit Slackel images can boot on UEFI enabled systems while 32-bit flavor support both i686 PAE SMP and i486, non-PAE capable systems.

A lot of improvements in Slackel-live-installer has been done. In Basic installation, wicd is fully functional as also pcmanfm in browsing network shares. Full multimedia support without having to install multimedia codecs while on live environment. Of course it is suggested to install multimedia codecs to your system after installation.

Updated packages in Slackel 6.0.6 includes Midori 0.5.11 web browser, Claws-Mail 3.9.2, Smplayer 16.4.0, Transmission 2.84, PCManFm 1.2.1, Pidgin 2.10.12, Gftp 2.0.19, Wicd, Openjre 8u91_b14, Abiword 3.0.1, Gnumeric-1.12.9, Exaile 3.4.5.
Additional package information is available in release announcement published in Slackel forum.

Download Slackel 6.0.6

Download Slackel 6.0.6 Live

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