Q4OS 1.4.11 released with improved NVIDIA support

The Q4OS team has announced Q4OS 1.4.11, latest update in Debian based, fast, powerful and reliable operating systems 1.4 stable series. This release of Q4OS comes with revamped NVIDIA card detection and proprietary driver installers, which will make Q4OS one more step close to graphics related applications.

NVIDIA card detection and proprietary driver installer has been improved a bit, as well as Welcome screen configurator of the Start menu properties. In order to keep current 1.4 Orion line healthy, the new Q4OS version applies security patches and solves a few minor issues. The Orion 1.4.11 has been released for all supported architectures, x64, i386/i686, armhf and a special Raspberry Pi edition. It is currently pushing into the official repositories, for computers of current users to be updated from.
You man find release announcement for Q4OS 1.4.11 in projects website.

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