Peppermint OS 7 will launch on 30th June

The Peppermint OS team has informed that, Peppermint 7, upcoming stable release of Ubuntu LTS based, cloud oriented operating system will launch on 30th June of 2016. This announcement was made in official Google+ page of Peppermint OS. Google+ post also warns that official website of operating system will in maintenance mode for a few days prior to release of Peppermint 7.

Peppermint OS is an Ubuntu LTS based, lightweight GNU/Linux distribution that comes with Chromium web browser. It also includes built-in support for several web based applications including dropbox, twitter, gmail, google drive, Zoho docs. This makes Peppermint OS different from other desktop oriented GNU/Linux distributions and and make users enable to use web applications right from their desktop.

The official announcement regarding release date also hints possibility to delay release of Peppermint OS 7 in case of any serious issues or bugs. However, the team says,no major issues were reported during private beta testing, a testing process conducted by some stake holders of distribution. So, most possibly Peppermint 7 will be coming on 30th of June itself.

A screenshot of Peppermint OS 6

Google+ post shared by Peppermint team can be read as:
Hi Peppermint Nation .. Team Peppermint would like to announce a preliminary launch date of the 30th of June for Peppermint 7.

Please be aware that this is currently only a 'pencilled in' date, if any new bugs come to light, etc. the release may be pushed back until they are fixed. That said, the private beta test hasn't brought up any show stoppers so far, so fingers crossed.

Also please be aware the main Peppermint website:
may be placed into 'maintenance mode' for a short period just prior to this date whilst we make the necessary adjustments for the release.

Thanks for your support so far, and here's hoping you like what you're about to see :)

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