Peppermint OS 7 released 6 days ahead of schedule

The Peppermint OS team has announced availability of Peppermint OS 7, latest stable release of Ubuntu LTS based cloud oriented, desktop operating system. In an earlier post on google+ page, Peppermint team had told that, release is scheduled for 30th of June. However, the team has brought this release 6 days earlier.

Peppermint OS is an Ubuntu LTS based, lightweight, user friendly operating system that integrates web based applications right on the desktop. These applications includes google docs, skype, twitter, zoho docs ..etc and also it provides options to install additional services. This will enable users to use cloud oriented services just after installation of operating system.

Peppermint OS 7, current stable release of Peppermint OS comes both in 32 and 64 bit flavors. Also, it provides support for UEFI/GPT/Secure boot. Peppermint 7 includes Ice - a site specific browser framework, it is supports Mozilla firefox and Google Chrome/Chromium browsers.

Some of the notable highlights of Peppermint 7 includes:
  • Built on top of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, latest long term supported release of Ubuntu
  • Continuing the policy of adopting best from all desktop environment, Peppermint integrates Whisker menu and xfce4-panel on top of LXDE desktop. Also, it includes a settings panel to bring all configuration options to a single place.
  • Since Google Chrome has discontinued support for 32 bit architectures, Peppermint is using Mozilla web browser by default. This is the first most Peppermint distribution without Google Chrome/Chromium browsers. Firefox longer support SSB(Site Specific Browser) which is required for web application integration. To get rid of this problem, Peppermint is using their own framework which will work Firefox, Chrome and Chromium browsers. So, the choice web browser is completely up to the users. They can either stick with default firefox or install Chrome/Chromium browsers.
  • Peppermint 7 is coming with a new look and feel. This follows more of flat design principles. Also, it has an overall darker appearance and new icon pack.
  • Firefox theming is separately handled and it can be configured by using Firefox Themer application available in Peppermint settings. This is done to avoid incompatibility of some Gtk themes with Firefox.
  • gEdit text editor is replaced by pluma editor as gEdit is following client side decoration principle of GNOME shell.
For more information on this release see release announcement published in Peppermint blog.

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