OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 Alpha 2 released

The OpenSUSE community has announced availability of OpenSUSE 42.2 Alpha 2, second development release of upcoming stable OpenSUSE Leap release. This development release of OpenSUSE has got a lot of changes after prevous development release, alpha 1.

OpenSUSE Leap distributions are result of a new kind of build process adopted by OpenSUSE project. The Leap hybrid GNU/Linux distribution developed by this brand new build process will help OpenSUSE to be innovative as well as enterprise oriented operating system.

After Alpha 1 release, OpenSUSE has adopted a lot components of SLE 12 SP2, latest stable release of SUSE Enterprise Linux. Some other highlights of this release includes GNOME 3.20, samba 4.4, systemd 228, glibc 2.22, Mesa 11.2, cmake 3.5 ..etc.

The KDE Plasma desktop used in Alpha 1 release has not changed much. So, it won't make much sense to explore OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 Alpha 2 KDE edition right now. How ever, GNOME edition has got several changes and is using updated GNOME 3.20. So, it will more interesting to test this release.

Next development release of OpenSUSE 42.2 is scheduled 20th of July and development team encourages to report as much bugs as possible, so that, developers can fix it before next development release.

An official release announcement of OpenSUSE 42.2 Alpha 2 can be read as follows:
Since Alpha1 lots of components from SLE 12SP2 could be integrated, among them an updated YaST, a full GNOME 3.20 update, samba 4.4, systemd 228, glibc 2.22. Mesa 11.2, cmake 3.5 etc.  KDE wasn't updated yet so testing Alpha2 probably makes more sense on GNOME right now. Bugzilla is awaiting your reports¹.  Some of those updates like cmake and glibc cause other packages to fail building. So the amount of broken packages in 42.2 has increased quite a bit, according to the dashboard² we have 181 unresolvable or failed packages right now. Help to analyze and fix the issues is appreciated there. 

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