OpenSourceFeed : Weekly News Feed 58

KaOS 2016.06 released with Linux Kernel 4.6
06/25/2016 11:14 PM

The KaOS project has announced availability of KaOS 2016.06, latest stable release of independently evolved, rolling GNU/Linux distribution offering a lean KDE experience. The purpose of KaOS is to provide a well integrated rolling operating system for modern computers with latest available packages. Instead of focusing on several things, KaOS focus on single desktop, single framework and on

Peppermint OS 7 released 6 days ahead of schedule
06/25/2016 10:23 AM

The Peppermint OS team has announced availability of Peppermint OS 7, latest stable release of Ubuntu LTS based cloud oriented, desktop operating system. In an earlier post on google+ page, Peppermint team had told that, release is scheduled for 30th of June. However, the team has brought this release 6 days earlier. Peppermint OS is an Ubuntu LTS based, lightweight, user friendly operating

Solus project plans a point release 1.2.1 on mid of July
06/24/2016 11:42 PM

Following release of Solus 1.2, Solus project has announced plan to release a point release with version number 1.2.1. Solus 1.2.1 won't be a mere bug fix release, instead it will be a feature release with some more refinements and new features from project's todo list. Solus 1.2 was a major milestone in this independently evolved GNU/Linux distributions two year history. It was released with a

Flatpak - next generation packaging framework - is public now
06/23/2016 08:09 PM

The Flatpak development team announced public availability of Flatpak framework - an application packaging framework supported in numerous GNU/Linux distributions including major distributions like Arch, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Mageia, Ubuntu ..etc. Flatpak - formerly xdg-app - is an effort to create a common application packaging framework for different GNU/Linux distributions. The primary

OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 Alpha 2 released
06/22/2016 08:22 PM

The OpenSUSE community has announced availability of OpenSUSE 42.2 Alpha 2, second development release of upcoming stable OpenSUSE Leap release. This development release of OpenSUSE has got a lot of changes after prevous development release, alpha 1. OpenSUSE Leap distributions are result of a new kind of build process adopted by OpenSUSE project. The Leap hybrid GNU/Linux distribution

Fedora 24 released with GNOME 3.20
06/21/2016 08:54 PM

Continuing the process of redefining concept of operating system, Fedora project has announced release of Fedora 24, latest stable release of world's popular open source operating system backed by Red Hat Inc. Fedora 24 comes with several new features and improvements which can be deployed in different production environments including desktop computers, servers, cloud platforms ..etc. In

Solus 1.2 released with revamped Software Center
06/20/2016 08:33 PM

The Solus Project has announced release of Solus 1.2, latest stable point release in Solus 1.x Shannon series. Solus 1.2 comes with a lot of optimizations and improvements including a redesigned software center. Solus is an independently evolved GNU/Linux distribution featuring a unique desktop environment named budgie and eopkg package manager. Solus 1.2 is a successor of version 1.0 and 1.1

Peppermint OS 7 will launch on 30th June
06/19/2016 06:32 PM

The Peppermint OS team has informed that, Peppermint 7, upcoming stable release of Ubuntu LTS based, cloud oriented operating system will launch on 30th June of 2016. This announcement was made in official Google+ page of Peppermint OS. Google+ post also warns that official website of operating system will in maintenance mode for a few days prior to release of Peppermint 7. Peppermint OS is an

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