Manjaro community edtions are ready for upcoming 16.06 release

While the time for release of Manjaro 16.06 Daniella, latest stable release of Arch based user friendly GNU/Linux distribution, is approaching Manjaro community edition maintainers are also working hard to make their distributions ready for release. In addition to updating software packages, a lot of effort is also spent on improving user experience and refining themes and icons.

Currently, the official manjaro comes in two flavors - Xfce and KDE, while the Manjaro community works on different editions featuring GNOME, MATE, LXQt, Deepin, Budgie, i3, jwm and more desktop environment. These community editions make Manjaro different from any other GNU/Linux distributions. Instead of providing a Vanilla desktop environment, these community editions are well tweaked to maximize user experience.

Manjaro LXQt, MATE, bspwm and Budgie maintainers have already announced release candidates or intermediate releases prior to release of version 16.06. Recently Manjaro deepin, cinnamon and i3 maintainers have also announced available of release candidates.

A screenshot of Manjaro Deepin 16.02

Manjaro Cinnamon 16.06 RC1

From a blog post published in official manjaro website:
While the official Manjaro 16.06 snapshot release is approaching, the maintainers of our Community Editions have been working hard to adjust their ISO-profiles to the latest state of development of our manjaro-tools. They’ve been polishing their desktops, tweaking the themes and experimenting tirelessly together with the community to get the fanciest and most efficient experience possible out of every environment.

Today we are proud to present the Release Candidates (stable branch) of Manjaro-Cinnamon, Manjaro-Deepin and Manjaro-i3, sporting the very latest versions of their respective desktops: Cinnamon 3.0.4, Deepin 15.2 and i3-gaps 4.12
You may find original blog post and more related information in Manjaro website.

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