Manjaro 16.06.1 released with AMD/ATI hardware support

Just a few days after release of Manjaro 16.06, Manjaro team has shipped a maintenance release with version number 16.06.1. This release will overcome some problems of previous release in handling AMD/ATI hardware.

Within a short span of one week, Manjaro team was able to make following changes.
  • we took another look at AMDGPU-MHWD-Config and removed unsupported cards
  • we added additional cli-tools to our netinstaller disc
  • the themes breeze and maia now support GTK 3.20
  • firefox and the kernel got updated to the latest upstream releases

The soul purpose of this release was to support AMD/ATI hardware components. However, Manjaro team has used this opportunity to update some software packages like Linux Kernel and Mozilla Firefox. Also, breeze and maia themes are updated to support GTK 3.20, latest stable release of desktop application development framework.

Since this is a maintenance release, there is no need to reinstall your system if you have already installed Manjaro. You can use regular system update methods to get latest packages.

An release announcement in this update can be found in Manjaro website.

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