Manjaro 16.06 RC2 is an excellent distribution : Review

The zdnet portal has published a review Manjaro 16.06 RC2, latest and final development release of upcoming stable Manjaro release, Manjaro 16.06 Daniella. In this review, different Manjaro flavors are being considered and the reviewer concludes that Manjaro 16.06, say any flavor, is an excellent GNU/Linux distribution.

The new installation images are available from Manjaro's Download page, of course. The 'official' Xfce, KDE, and Net-Edition downloads are listed directly on that page; to get the Community Editions, follow the Stable Repository link at the bottom of the page. Oh, and there is a nice, simple description of how to verify the checksum and signature on the download files at the very bottom of the page. We all learned our lesson last fall, didn't we? So now we always verify the checksum and signature on downloads before installing them, don't we? Good.

In addition to the three official versions, there are a lot of Community Editions, most of which are tailored with different desktops. All of the obvious ones are available - Cinnamon, MATE, Gnome, and LXDE, for example. But there are also less common desktops such as i3, Deepin, Enlightenment, Fluxbox, and Openbox. Personally, I think that Manjaro i3 is one of the best and most useful distributions I have ever used, period. Oh, and don't forget that there is at least one alternative architecture distribution, Manjaro-ARM for the Raspberry Pi.
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