Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon and MATE editions released

The Linux Mint developers has announced release of Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon and MATE editions with code name Sarah. Linux Mint is an Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution that offers modern desktop operating systems with traditional user experience.

Linux Mint 18, current release of Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu LTS 16.04. Earlier three releases of Linux Mint, version 15, 16 and 16 were based on Ubuntu 14.04. Being an Ubuntu LTS based GNU/Linux distribution, Linux Mint 18 can provide support till 2021.

Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon Desktop

Both editions of Linux Mint 18 comes with several refinements and updates to provide better user experience. This includes X-Apps project, which is a collection of generic applications built using GTK framework. The soul purpose of X-Apps project is to remove GNOME specific features in commonly used applications and provide traditional looking applications with menu and title bar features. This will also provide better backward compatibility and as far as Linux Mint is concerned, this can be used in both MATE and Cinnamon editions. In fact, this is just providing support for existing applications in Linux Mint instead of adopting updated applications from GNOME project.

Linux Mint 18 MATE Desktop

Other common features in both editions includes, improved update manager, a brand new theme which is currently called by the name Mint-Y, improved HiDPI support, brand new artwork and other system improvements ..etc.

More information on Linux Mint 18 can be found in separate release announcements for MATE and Cinnamon editions.

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