Linux Lite 3.0 Final released with new appearance

The Linux Lite team has announced release of Linux Lite 3.0 Final, latest stable release of Ubuntu LTS  based, lightweight, user friendly GNU/Linux distribution featuring Xfce Desktop. In addition to typical Ubuntu packages, Linux Lite is shipped with some special packages to make things easier.

Linux Lite 3.0 comes with a lot of changes since last stable series 2.x. These changes also includes changes in visual elements like new login manager, improved boot screen animation, Linux Software, new system theme with a nice collection of wall papers ..etc.

Lite Software has had an overhaul. We've added icons where there were Select boxes (thank you Misko). This helps people who identify with images and branding to easily locate their favorite software. You can select multiple programs to install by holding down Ctrl or Shift. We've also added Audacity (audio editor), Calibre (eBook reader and manager) and Pinta (Windows Paint.Net look-a-like) thanks to your suggestions.

We've adopted the popular Arc theme for several reasons. It looks great, it's regularly maintained, because it's a part of Lite Themes (see below) we can easily adapt it to our needs, there are three themes within, Arc, Arc-Dark and Arc-Darker so if you want the all out dark look, it's easy to select, and the theme is light. Firefox also carries the Arc theme in the aforementioned 3 options.
For more details and screenshots, see release announcement published in Linux Lite forum.

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