Korora 23 is Fedora on steroids - Review

Although Fedora is one of the greatest open source operating system and is backed by open source giant Red Hat, many people do not exhibit interest on it. This is owing to policy adopted by Fedora such as shipping of vanilla packages as much as possible, lower support period, decision to avoid non-free components ..etc

Korora, a GNU/Linux distribution based on Fedora, is grown by tackling some weakness of Fedora. Korora combines powerful Fedora base with well tweaked themes and useful non-free components to provide out-of-the-box experience for computer users.

The dedoimedo portal has published a review of Korora 23 and it observes that Korora is nothing other than Fedora equipped with some extra powers. Out of many Korora flavors available, the GNOME flavor is considered for this review. Despite of some bugs and issues, Korora is a success in converting a standard Fedora system to a system that can be used by anyone without significant efforts.
One of my dreams is to have a Fedora-like operating system with three to five years of support, plus all the goodies out of the box. Yes, CentOS comes close, but then there is a tiny penalty when it comes to running all the latest and greatest software on an enterprise distro. Most of the stuff will work just fine, but then, some won't.

Fedora, on the other hand, is all about bleeding and modern, but its life is so short, so fleeting, you hardly get to pimp the distro version before a new one is out. And that is something that bugs me. What if you could skip all the pimping and enjoy yourself right away? Once upon a time in the west, Fuduntu almost did it. Now, let's see if Korora can deliver the promise. In other words, here's a distro that could potentially wean you away from the likes of Ubuntu and Mint. Maybe. Steroids, that's what plants crave. But are they good for you?
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