Installing MATE Desktop 1.14 in Ubuntu MATE 16.04

Two months after release of MATE Desktop 1.14, Ubuntu MATE team has announced availability of MATE Desktop 1.14 for Ubuntu MATE 16.04 and later editions. This release of MATE Desktop is not yet available in official Ubuntu repositories. So Ubuntu MATE team has prepared one PPA(Personal Package Archive) for MATE Desktop 1.14 that is compatible with Ubuntu MATE 16.04.

Ubuntu MATE team is actually providing MATE Desktop 1.14.1, first bug fix release v1.14. This will help users to have more stable desktop. Some components in MATE 1.14 is updated to be compatible with GTK 3, however MATE 1.14 provided by Ubuntu MATE is compiled with GTK 2, to ensure compatibility with Ubuntu MATE 16.04.

For installing MATE Desktop 1.14, first you need to enable PPA which can be done using following command.
$ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-mate-dev/xenial-mate
Once PPA is enabled, next step is to update package list and then upgrade system using usual commands.
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt dist-upgrade
This will ask confirmation to remove mate-netspeed package which is now a part of mate-applets. So you can confirm this without any worries.

Source : Ubuntu MATE blog.

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