HandyLinux 2.5 released, based on Debian 8.5

A few weeks after release of Debian 8.5, latest update in Debian 8.5 Jessy series, HandyLinux team has announced availability of HandyLinux 2.5, latest update in Debian based French GNU/Linux distributions 2.x series. Since this is an update and not a completely new release, there are not much features to highlight.

Existing users of HandyLinux 2.x series can directly migrate to this updated release using regular system update command or update utility. However, a small amount of manual work is required to customize some Thunar actions and it is explained in release announcement.

Some of the notable highlights of HandyLinux 2.5 are as follows:
  • Based on Debian 8.5
  • Firefox 47.0, latest stable release of Firefox so far.
  • All HandyLinux related files are hosted on official server to avoid possible manipulation of installation images.
  • Updated custom actions in Thunar file manager
  • Updated HandySoft, package manager in HandyLinux
  • Added a new Xfwm4 theme
  • Fixed one DNS related bug.
  • Redesigned French documentation for HandyLinux.
Along with release announcement for HandyLinux 2.5, HandyLinux team is also talking about 3.x series which is supposed to be based on Debian 9.x series. Also, team is inviting suggestions for new release.

Download HandyLinux 2.5

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