Fedora 24 released with GNOME 3.20

Continuing the process of redefining concept of operating system, Fedora project has announced release of Fedora 24, latest stable release of world's popular open source operating system backed by Red Hat Inc. Fedora 24 comes with several new features and improvements which can be deployed in different production environments including desktop computers, servers, cloud platforms ..etc.

In addition to regular Fedora releases for workstations, servers and cloud platforms, Fedora 24 also includes Fedora spins - community projects featuring desktop environments and serving different purposes - and also ARM edition.

Fedora 24 workstation is coming with GNOME 3.20 latest stable release of widely used desktop environment. GNOME 3.20 has got several refinements to improve user experience. Also it provides easier access to hardware resources like input devices and printers. Other features of GNOME 3.20 includes improved search interface, new shortcut help window and other user friendly music controls.

Source : Fedora Magazine

The GNOME Software included in Fedora 24 provides support for Flatpack, a new self contained package management system that work without much dependence on underlying system. Also, GNOME Software has ability for system upgrade. That means, Fedora users can upgrade their system without making their hands dirty by playing with command line interface.

Fedora 24 is continuing it's journey to provide complete support for Wayland window manager and it has got many improvements in this release. However, Fedora 24 is using X window manager by default, but it is expected that if things are going like this, Fedora 25 can replace X window manager with Wayland.

More information on Fedora 24 release can be read in blog post published in Fedora Magazine.

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