Deepin OpenSymbol released, collection of symbols based on Wingdings

The Deepin project has announced release of Deepin OpenSymbol - a collection of symbols based on Wingdings. These symbol includes gestures, shorthand notation, arrows and others to represent actions and objects in real world. The OpenSybmol is an attempt to renovate Microsoft's Wingdings which was released on 1990s.

Deepin OpenSybmol is different from MS Wingdings in different perspectives like flat design, rounded corners, and modernized artwork.

Deepin OpenSymbol is a series of symbols that Deepin Technology Team recreated based on Wingdings. It contains shorthand signs, gestures and arrows which are used in work and life, and other worldly used common symbols. For Deepin OpenSymbol, most of the corners are round in design, it is different from the sharp corners of Microsoft Wingdings. On one hand, round design makes characters more mellow, and comfortable and gentle to look at; on the other hand, it better matches with deepin’s icon design style, makes it consistency for fonts and system.
To learn more on Deepin OpenSybmol and to understand difference between MS Wingdings and Deepin OpenSymbol, see blog post published by deepin team.

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