Android x86 6.0 RC1 released with 32 bit and 64 bit kernel support

The Android x86 project has announced availability of Android x86 6.0 rc1 (marshmallow-x86) for testing. The Android x86 project is an effort to extend popular mobile platform android for computers with x86 architectures.

Android x86 6.0 rc1 is first release candidate prior to release of stable version 6.0. This release candidate of Android x86 is capable of supporting both 32 and 64 bit kernels and user space.

Following are some key features of Android x86 6.0
  • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit kernel and userspace.
  • Update kernel to 4.4.12.
  • Support OpenGL ES 3.x hardware acceleration for Intel/AMD(radeon/radeonsi)/Nvidia(nouveau) chipsets, as well as VMware and QEMU(virgl).
  • Support OpenGL ES 3.0 via software rendering for other GPUs or no GPU devices.
  • Support secure booting from UEFI and installing to UEFI disk.
  • Be able to install to ext4/ntfs/fat32 filesystems via a text based GUI installer.
  • Upgrading from older android-x86 release is improved. Older release using ext2/ext3 filesystem will be converted to ext4 for better reliability.
  • Support Multi-touch, Audio, Wifi, Bluetooth, Sensors, Camera and Ethernet (DHCP only).
  • Auto-mount external usb drive and sdcard.
  • Support foreign archs (arm / arm64) via the native bridge mechanism. (Settings -> Apps Compatibility)
More information on this release candidate can be found in release notes published in projects website.

Download Android x86 6.0 rc1

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