Ubuntu 16.04 LTS - A nice release, though better to wait : Review

It is often told that Ubuntu LTS releases have a clear dominance over other releases. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is also not different. Being most expected Ubuntu release so far, people are very much eager to know about pros and cons of this release.

Latest issue of distrowatch weekly(01/05/2016) has published a review on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. This review observes that Ubuntu 16.04 is a nice, well polished distribution. However, the reviewer does n't forget that some odd behaviors are reported about this release. So he/she advises, it is better to wait until release of Ubuntu 16.04.1, first update in this LTS branch.

It is always a big deal when Canonical releases a new long-term support version of Ubuntu. Despite Ubuntu's important place in the Linux distribution ecosystem, I should admit right off the bat that I am not a regular user of Ubuntu. I try out each new release of the desktop version Ubuntu and occasionally use Ubuntu Server, but I tend to use Fedora and CentOS for almost all of my daily desktop and server needs. Still, I've always been fascinated by what Canonical is doing with Ubuntu and their Unity desktop environment. Below, I take a look at Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and share my thoughts on the Unity desktop environment and the distribution as a whole.
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