The Italian Army is migrating to LibreOffice

As a continuation of announcements made last year, Italian army is moving towards it's goal to replace Microsoft office with LibreOffice productivity suite. Till now, the army has conducted migration experiments on more than 5000 workstations and no major problems were reported.

Further actions will be taken by collaborating with government departments from Spain, France, the UK, Holland and Germany.

The LibreDifesa project is based on the Document Foundation's migration protocol. The protocol draws upon the experiences and successful actions of several large organizations, including local governments and other public sector agencies. These include the city of Bologna and the Regione Umbria (both in Italy).

Transitioning to open software will save up to 29 million Euros over the next few years, which is a significant stack of taxpayer's cash! What's more, this estimate covers only the army. If the plan is executed successfully, we can expect to see the other armed forces following the example—at which point, the Department of Defense expects other branches of the government to join in.
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