Solus implements native runtime for Steam

The Solus team has announced that, Solus is now capable of providing native support for Steam, a multi-player gaming platform developed by Valve Corporation.

Providing native run time support for Steam implies, Solus can use optimized version of libraries instead of non-optimized Ubuntu libraries used in Steam. This will improve gaming experience with Steam. Solus native run time for Steam was implemented in a Solus Hackfest organized last week.

On the 21st and 22nd of this month, Ikey and myself had the first Solus hackfest, 'Hackfest 1.2'.

I’m happy to say that Ikey’s goal for a native Steam runtime were accomplished, which let’s be honest, that was the major thing we were all hoping for in the Hackfest, right?

The implications of a native Steam runtime are pretty serious too. Rather than having non-optimized Ubuntu libraries from Steam’s runtime, we are able to provide optimized libraries for a more performant gaming experience than any other “tier one” operating system. There is still work to be done on the optimization front, but we’re confident in this first step.
For more information and complete video of hackfest see Solus Project blog.

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