Screenly Digitial Signature Solution choose Ubuntu core

Screenly, the most popular digital signature solution for Raspberry Pi devices has announced their collaboration with Canonical to build Screenly on Ubuntu core, a cut down base system of Ubuntu. This will help Screenly to provide it's customers with a stable platform that is secure, robust, user friendly and all on a Raspberry Pi device costing around 35 dollars.

Viktor Petersson, CEO of Screenly explains, “Ubuntu Core enables us to be more flexible and to focus on our software rather than managing an OS and software distribution across our large fleet of devices.”

Ubuntu Core also offers standardised OS and interfaces, available across a variety of chipsets and hardware. This means that Screenly can expand their portfolio of players across platforms without the costs traditionally associated with porting software to a new architecture.

Viktor Petersson at Screenly continues, “In terms of hardware, it can run on multiple hardware platforms and therefore if one of our partners requires a different hardware platform, the need to rebuild and retest our whole solution for a new OS goes away. This takes away bargaining power of the hardware vendor and gives the power back to the service providers, which for us means we’ll see greater innovation in this area.”
For more information, see original news published in Ubuntu Insights.

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