Rebellin Linux v3 released

The team behind Rebellin Linux announced release of Rebellin Linux v3, latest stable release of fast, reliable, beautiful GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian sid. Rebellin Linux comes with latest collection of several software packages including GNOME 3.20, MATE 1.12, Linux Kernel 4.5 ..etc.

Rebellin Linux mainly comes in two flavors, GNOME flavor and MATE flavor. However, any of these does n't stick with vanilla flavors if user experience can be made better by other choices. For instance, these distributions use VLC media player instead of GNOME Videos(aka Totem Movie Player) and GNOME flavor use terminator instead of GNOME Terminal.

Some highlights of Rebellin Linux v3 includes:
  • Gnome terminal replaced by terminator. This enhances Gnome Shell stability. Gnome Terminal is buggy and results in system freeze.
  • Totem replaced by VLC. Redundant software removed for building a lighter product.
  • GDM3 replaced by LightDM. GDM3 was problematic during the build process. Resulted in blank screen on start up. LightDM works fine.
  • Gnome Shell upgraded to v3.20
  • Mate Version upgraded to v1.12
  • Kernel upgraded to v4.5
  • SMXI scripts integrated
  • Infinality Font Rendering Patches
  • Droid Fonts added
  • Improved theme for the Mate version
  • Bluetooth support added to Mate version (It was previously missing! Silly me.)
  • Plenty of package and driver updates
For more information, see official release announcement and Rebellin manual for beginners.

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