Qt Creator 4.0.0 released with Clang static analyzer integration

The Qt development team announced release of Qt Creator 4.0.0, latest stable release of IDE for developing Qt applications.Beginning from this release, Qt Creator will comes with integrated Clang static analyzer, QML profiler and auto testing plugins.

Qt Creator 4.0.0 is coming with GPLv3 except some components. Despite of these exceptions, it is ensured that Qt Creator can be used for developing any kind of applications without any license issues.

Users of CMake will find that we improved the workflow for CMake-based projects. CMake is now triggered automatically when necessary, and kit settings like the used Qt version or tool chain are automatically configured. Projects mode now features a UI to change the CMake configuration for a build directory. You can also change the CMake configuration that is common to all projects that use the same kit. Qt Creator will no longer create CMake build directories before the project is built. This makes for a much tidier work environment, especially when users only want to study source code using the CMake build system.

The Clang code model is now automatically used if the (experimental) plugin is turned on. We added customizable configurations for warnings, which you can also specify per project.
For more information, see original release announcement published in Qt development blog.

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