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Fedora 24 Workstation will use improved Cantarell font
05/27/2016 09:35 PM

Fedora releases are well known for using upstream packages without any significant modifications. Same applies for desktop environment also. By default Fedora workstations make use of Cantarell font, a modern, elegant font created by GNOME developers. Recently, Jakub Steiner and Nikolaus Waxweiler, current maintainers of Cantarell font,  has done some work on typeface of it font to improve it's

BackBox Linux 4.6 released; Last of 4 minor releases
05/27/2016 08:30 PM

The BackBox Linux developers announced release of BackBox 4.6, 4th and final update in BackBox Linux 4.x series. BackBox is an Ubuntu LTS based GNU/Linux distribution designed for penetration testing and security assessment activities. Being a minor release, BackBox 4.6 does not offer a lot of new features, but it comes with some bug fixes and updated packages. These updated packages includes

Solus implements native runtime for Steam
05/26/2016 11:12 PM

The Solus team has announced that, Solus is now capable of providing native support for Steam, a multi-player gaming platform developed by Valve Corporation. Providing native run time support for Steam implies, Solus can use optimized version of libraries instead of non-optimized Ubuntu libraries used in Steam. This will improve gaming experience with Steam. Solus native run time for Steam was

CentOS 6.8 released for i386 and x86_64 architectures
05/25/2016 10:37 PM

The CentOS team announced immediate availability of CentOS 6.8, latest stable update in CentOS 6.x series. CentOS is a community driven enterprise operating system developed from the sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux(RHEL). The CentOS project has placed all upstream varieties into a single repository and users can easily install workstation, server or minimal flavors from this unified

GhostBSD 10.3 ALPHA2 is ready with MATE and Xfce desktops
05/25/2016 09:49 PM

The GhostBSD team has moved one more step closer to it's next stable release, GhostBSD 10.3. Yes. GhostBSD team has announced availability of GhostBSD 10.3 Alpha 2 for testing. This development release of GhostBSD is available with MATE and Xfce desktops and is available for i386, amd64 and amd64-uefi architectures. Following are notable highlights of this development release of GhostBSD.

Manjaro Budgie 16.06-RC is available now
05/25/2016 09:36 PM

The Manjaro community has announced availability of Manjaro Budgie 16.06-RC latest development release of upcoming Manjaro community distribution featuring lightweight Budgie as default desktop environment. Even though Manjaro 16.06-RC is named as a development release, it is actually stable one because all package updates are from stable repository only. So this distribution is stable enough

The Italian Army is migrating to LibreOffice
05/24/2016 09:17 PM

As a continuation of announcements made last year, Italian army is moving towards it's goal to replace Microsoft office with LibreOffice productivity suite. Till now, the army has conducted migration experiments on more than 5000 workstations and no major problems were reported. Further actions will be taken by collaborating with government departments from Spain, France, the UK, Holland and

Manjaro Cinnamon 16.06-rc is available with Cinnamon 3.0.1
05/24/2016 08:31 PM

The Manjaro community has announced public availability of Manjaro Cinnamon 16.06-rc for testing. This is latest development release Manjaro community edition featuring Cinnamon desktop. Manjaro Cinnamon 16.06-rc is coming with Cinnamon 3.0.1, latest stable release of traditional looking, modern, efficient desktop environment. Also it features a lot of updated software packages which

Q4OS 1.4.10, Orion released with improved graphics card support
05/23/2016 11:37 PM

The Q4OS project has unveiled Q4OS 1.4.10 Orion, latest stable update of Debian based stable GNU/Linux distribution that offers traditional user experience for improved productivity. Q4OS 1.4.10 comes with a script that will help for auto detection of NVidia graphics card and for installation of other graphics card related packages. Orion 1.4.10 introduces after install NVidia graphics card

deepin ships new batch of security updates
05/23/2016 11:21 PM

The deepin team has announced availability of new batch of security updates for deepin linux, a beautiful GNU/Linux distribution from China. These security updates includes critical fixes in iceweasel web browser, libtasn1-6, mercurial, ikiwiki, jansson, libidn, xerces-c and image magick. New batch of security updates fixes following vulnerabilities/bugs discovered in deepin packages.

NethServer 7 alpha 3 comes centralized account management
05/23/2016 08:37 PM

The NethServer team has released NethServer 7 alpha 3, latest development release of CentOS based enterprise operating system designed for small and medium enterprises. NethServer 7 alpha 3 brings two exciting features which are active directory integration and centralized account management(aka multi-site account management). NethServer is now designed to leverage existing Active

MATE Desktop v1.14 is now available for Manjaro
05/22/2016 05:42 PM

The Manjaro community has informed that MATE Desktop v1.14 is available for Manjaro. MATE v1.14 is latest stable release of traditional looking, modern and user friendly desktop environment initially forked from GNOME 2.x. Since Arch Linux, base distribution of Manjaro, has no active maintainer for MATE Desktop, Manjaro community is maintaining MATE Desktop their own. source : Manjaro Forums

Manjaro LXQt 16.05 Ice released, again with a new look
05/22/2016 05:29 PM

The Manjaro LXQt community has unveiled Manjaro LXQt 16.05, latest monthly maintenance release of Manjaro community edition featuring Qt5 based, lightweight LXQt as default desktop environment. This release will be known by the code name 'Ice' and similar to previous releases, this release is also coming with a brand new look. source : Manjaro Forums Following are important packages

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