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Django 1.10 alpha 1 is available for testing
05/21/2016 11:41 PM

Mr Tim Graham, representing django team has announced availability of django 1.10 alpha 1, first development release of django 1.10. Django is a high level python web development framework that enables rapid development, and clean and pragmatic design for applications. As part of the Django 1.10 release process, today we've released Django 1.10 alpha 1, a preview/testing package that

Manjaro 16.06-rc Cinnamon Edition will feature Cinnamon 3.0
05/21/2016 11:29 PM

The Manjaro Cinnamon community has announced availability of Manjaro 16.06-rc Cinnamon edition for testing. This release candidate of Manjaro community distribution is coming with Cinnamon 3.0, latest stable release of Cinnamon Desktop environment. As per informal announcement published in Manjaro forums, following are some packages included in this release. Kernel Linux 4.4 Cinnamon

3 Open source GUI framworks for python
05/21/2016 11:17 PM

Python is an emerging, powerful, easy to use, dynamic scripting language. It is used in various fields like data analysis, web development, desktop application development ..etc. Python is a favorite choice of programmers, due to availability of wide range of frameworks to serve different purposes. An article written by Jason Baker of Red Hat, published in lists 3 popular open

Calculate Linux 15.17 released with KDE 5
05/20/2016 09:58 PM

The Calculate Linux team has unveiled Calculate Linux 15.17, latest stable release of Gentoo based GNU/Linux distribution from Russia. As per tradition of this distribution, Calculate Linux 15.17 is coming in 5 varieties. The Calculate Linux Desktop ships with KDE, MATE or Xfce Desktop environments. Other varieties are Calculate Linux Scratch, Calculate Linux Directory Server, Calculate Scratch

Git 2.8.3 released with several bug fixes and improvements
05/20/2016 09:40 PM

The Git development team has announced release of Git 2.8.3, latest stable release of popular, open source distributed version control system(VCS) designed to manage each steps of any software development project in a fast and efficient manner. New release of Git comes with several bug fixes and improvements. Following are some changes introduced in Git, since after release of Git 2.8.2. "

Installing Snap packages in Ubuntu 16.04
05/19/2016 11:13 PM

Snap is a new kind of package format supported by Ubuntu in addition to .deb formats. The advantage of snap packages is that, it includes all its dependencies. This make installation and dependency management easy and also developers can ensure that their apps are always used with libraries with which it was made of. An article written by Jack Wallen, published in techrepublic portal

Manjaro ARM 16.05 released
05/19/2016 10:57 PM

Mr Dodge JCR representing Manjaro ARM development team announced release of Manjaro ARM 16.05, latest stable build of Manjaro targeting embedded system devices. Manjaro ARM 16.05 does not come with any visible features, however it has got some significant changes in back end. This includes ability of basestrap script to create rootfs within minutes. The most notable change in the back end

Screenly Digitial Signature Solution choose Ubuntu core
05/18/2016 09:48 PM

Screenly, the most popular digital signature solution for Raspberry Pi devices has announced their collaboration with Canonical to build Screenly on Ubuntu core, a cut down base system of Ubuntu. This will help Screenly to provide it's customers with a stable platform that is secure, robust, user friendly and all on a Raspberry Pi device costing around 35 dollars. Viktor Petersson, CEO of is back after several days
05/18/2016 09:30 PM

After being down for several days,, Lubuntu official website is back online. This downtime was caused by server problems. Lubuntu 16.04 was recently released, and a downtime just after that had caused serious confusion among Lubuntu users. In an official blog post, Rafeil Laguna writes: First of all, we need to apologise for being offline for several days, due to server

ReactOS 0.4.1 relaesed, A refined version of ReactOS 0.4.0
05/17/2016 09:37 PM

The ReactOS project has announced release of ReactOS 0.4.1, latest development release of windows binary compatible, open source operating system, inspired by Windows 9x architecture. ReactOS 0.4.1 comes just 3 months after release of version 0.4 and this is probably shortest duration between two releases so far. It is expected that ReactOS is switching to faster release cycle and ReactOS 0.4.1

Debian project thanks Mythic Beasts for loaned hardware
05/16/2016 11:33 PM

In an official blog post, Debian project has expressed their gratitude to Mythic Beasts for providing opportunity to perform experiments on different hardware configurations. These experiments have helped Debian project to make a wise decision on selection of proper hardware components, to update existing infra structure. Debian regularly produces many variations of installation CDs, DVDs,

Manjaro 16.06 RC 1 released
05/16/2016 11:18 PM

The Manjaro team has announced availability of Manjaro 16.06 RC1, first release candidate for upcoming stable release of Manjaro 16.06, which will be known by the code name Daniella. As usual convention of official Manjaro releases, this release candidate also comes in two flavors. One is Xfce edition and other one is KDE edition. The Manjaro Settings Manager (MSM) now provides an

Installing beautiful, flat Arc theme on Fedora 22/23
05/15/2016 08:37 PM

Arc is a beautiful, flat theme for GTK 2 and GTK 3 powered desktop environments including GNOME Shell, Cinnamon, Unity, MATE, Budgie, Pantheon, Xfce ..etc. Arc is default theme used in some distributions like Linux Lite, Solus ..etc. Arc themes comes in three different varieties which includes Simply Arc, Arc Dark and Arc Darker. Simple Arc theme uses same color for windows and title bars,

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