NethServer 7 alpha 3 comes centralized account management

The NethServer team has released NethServer 7 alpha 3, latest development release of CentOS based enterprise operating system designed for small and medium enterprises.

NethServer 7 alpha 3 brings two exciting features which are active directory integration and centralized account management(aka multi-site account management).

NethServer is now designed to leverage existing Active Directory infrastructure and simplify administrative and user control. Administrators can quickly and securely roll out policy decisions using their existing Active Directory. Users authenticate against a single directory, removing the need for multiple accounts, syncing passwords or duplicating information.

Account management module is included in the ISO, so after the installation the following scenarios are supported out of the box:
  • connecting a remote NethServer running OpenLDAP,
  • connecting a remote Active Directory Domain Controller (Samba or Windows).
For more information, see release announcement published by NethServer team.

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