NetBSD 7.0.1 released; First maintenance release in 7.x series

The NetBSD project has announced immediate public availability of NetBSD 7.0.1, first maintenance/bug fix release in NetBSD 7.x series of BSD distributions. This release comes with fixes for some high priority bugs and so the team strongly recommends existing users to update their system.

Some of the bug fixes in NetBSD 7.0.1 deals with vulnerabilities in ntp daemon, vulnerabilities in compatibility layers and potential remote code execution possibility through bozohttpd.

Some other changes in NetBSD 7.0.1 includes
  • Add to ssh_known_hosts.
  • Avoid "vnconfig -l" infinite loop with netbsd-6 or older userland.
  • Avoid a crash when mounting an ados file system.
  • Avoid a panic when unplugging a mounted umass(4) device. PR kern/50467.
  • Don't leak garbage from the kernel stack on sleep(0) and equivalents.
  • Fix ARM1136 function selection. PR port-arm/50512.
  • Fix a crash in NFS. PR kern/50664.
  • Fix a crash when tmpfs fills up. PR kern/50381.
  • Fix a crash with alc(4). PR kern/50206.
  • Fix i386 PAE kernels. PR port-i386/48196.
  • Fix sftp filename completion. PR bin/50564.
  • Fix two crashes with gif(4).
  • ODROID-C1: Fix a problem when trying to use the network if the cable wasn't plugged in at boot.
  • Prevent a deadlock with two null mounts on the same physical mount. PR kern/50375.
  • Resolve hostnames with "_". PR lib/50367.
  • Update root.cache to 20160323.
  • Update tzdata to 2016b.
For additional information and complete list of changes see release announcement and release notes in NetBSD website.

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