MATE Desktop v1.14 is now available for Manjaro

The Manjaro community has informed that MATE Desktop v1.14 is available for Manjaro. MATE v1.14 is latest stable release of traditional looking, modern and user friendly desktop environment initially forked from GNOME 2.x. Since Arch Linux, base distribution of Manjaro, has no active maintainer for MATE Desktop, Manjaro community is maintaining MATE Desktop their own.

source : Manjaro Forums

Following are some highlights of MATE v1.14
  • Improved GTK+3 support across the entire MATE Desktop.
  • Full GTK 3.20 support in all MATE themes.
  • Client Side Decorated applications render correctly in all themes.
  • Completely ported MATE System Monitor and Mozo to GTK+3 only (we ship v1.12 for gtk2 branch).
  • Touchpad configuration now supports edge and two-finger scrolling independently.
  • Python extensions in Caja can now be managed separately.
  • All three window focus modes are selectable.
  • MATE Panel now has the ability to change icon sizes for menubar and menu items.
  • MATE NetSpeed Applet has been merged into the MATE Applets package.
  • MATE Terminal support VTE 2.91 API when built for GTK+3.
  • Volume and Brightness OSD can now be enabled/disabled.
  • Translations are updated.
You may find a formal announcement in Manjaro community forum.

Also, Manjaro team has created a live media, that can be used to test MATE v1.14 without disturbing installation. This live media is created by pulling packages from Manjaro unstable repository and it can be treated as a development release for upcoming Manjaro 16.06 MATE edition.

Download Manjaro Live Media with MATE v1.14

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