Manjaro LXQt Dark 16.04 released with a new dark theme

The Manjaro LXQt community announced release of Manjaro LXQt Dark 16.04, successor for Manjaro LXQt 16.04 released at the beginning of April. Main attraction of Manjaro LXQt Dark edition is a dark theme named Kwantum which is supposed to reduce eye strain while using computer.

Following are some notable highlights of this release:
  • kernel 4.4.8 LTS, Manjaro-settings-manager, sddm, plymouth, octopi, compton, plank, redshift
  • pcmanfm-qt, gimp, lximage-qt
  • firefox, hexchat, transmission-qt
  • abiword, qpdfview, gnumeric(64), juffed (advanced text editor)
  • mpv, smplayer(mpv based), clementine qt5. qastools (32bit), pulseaudio and pavucontrol (64bit)
  • gparted, qisousb, lxtask, xsensors
  • multilib enabled (64bit)
  • ffmpegthumbnailer (for video preview)
  • capture tool + key Print Screen configured for taking screenshots (also with Alt or Shift)
  • xscreensaver (64bit) or i3lock (32bit)
  • proprietary drivers (64bit)
For more information, see original release announcement and forum post for this release.

Download Manjaro LXQt Dark 16.04

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