Manjaro LXQt 16.05 Ice released, again with a new look

The Manjaro LXQt community has unveiled Manjaro LXQt 16.05, latest monthly maintenance release of Manjaro community edition featuring Qt5 based, lightweight LXQt as default desktop environment. This release will be known by the code name 'Ice' and similar to previous releases, this release is also coming with a brand new look.

source : Manjaro Forums

Following are important packages included in this release:
  • kernel 4.4.10 LTS, Manjaro settings manager, sddm, plymouth, octopi, compton, plank (64 bits)
  • pcmanfm-qt, gimp, lximage-qt
  • firefox(64) or otter-browser(32), hexchat, transmission-qt
  • abiword, qpdfview, gnumeric(64), leafpad
  • mpv, smplayer(mpv based), clementine qt5. 32 -> qastools, 64 -> pulseaudio and pavucontrol
  • gparted, qisousb, lxtask, xsensors
  • multilib enabled (64)
  • ffmpegthumbnailer
  • capture tool + key Print Screen configured for taking screenshots (also with Alt or Shift)
  • xscreensaver (64)
  • nonfree drivers (64)
For additional information, see release announcement published in Manjaro forums.

Download Manjaro LXQt 16.05

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