Manjaro bspwm 16.05 released with new appearance

The Manjaro community has announced availability of Manjaro bspwm 16.05, latest stable update of Manjaro community distribution featuring lightweight tiling window manager bspwm. The main motive behind this community distribution is to provide maximum performance with minimum memory and cpu consumption. Manjaro bspwm edition is mainly targeting developers who prefer to have a distraction free environment that support features like program syntax highlighting.

One of the most notable highlight in Manjaro bspwm 16.05 is it's new look and feel. When this distribution was updated with GNOME 3.20 components, most of the existing themes were broken and thus the developers decided to work on Maia theme, which is the default theme used by many other Manjaro community editions. Additionally this release features Breeze icons, soft terminal colors which will also help to reduce eye stress during prolonged computer use.

Some more essential changes have happended under the hood however. Bspwm has undergone a major syntax change and this edition features configuration that takes full advantage of the new scripting capabilities provided.

Another major change is the list of included applications. The Bspwm edition now finally comes with a fully featured browser. Light is a stripped down build of Firefox that uses less RAM and has less dependencies, while still displaying sites correctly and taking advantage of many Firefox plugins. We also included Clonezilla among our many other system rescue tools that make this edition suitable for fixing broken installations, recovering lost files and backing up your system.
For more information and screenshots see release announcement published in Manjaro website.

Download Manjaro bspwm 16.05

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