Manjaro ARM 16.05 released

Mr Dodge JCR representing Manjaro ARM development team announced release of Manjaro ARM 16.05, latest stable build of Manjaro targeting embedded system devices.

Manjaro ARM 16.05 does not come with any visible features, however it has got some significant changes in back end. This includes ability of basestrap script to create rootfs within minutes.

The most notable change in the back end is a new rootfs built for Manjaro-ARM. Previously, we were creating it manually and it was very time consuming, now with the basestrap script from Manjaro-Tools, we can create the rootfs within a matter of minutes.

Also new with this version (16.05), we have the keyrings installed and configured. All versions will be this way moving forward and package signatures will be provided in all packages possible.

The last major change is the release media. From now on, Manjaro-ARM will be using .img files for distributing the installation. It makes it easier to dump the data the sdcard using Linux, Windows, or OSX. I will try to make the tar.gz tarballs shortly after the initial releases just in case people want to alter the installation before moving it to their device.
For more information, see release announcement published in Manjaro blog.

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