Linux Lite 3.0 Beta released with beautiful look

The Linux Lite development team announced release of Linux Lite 3.0 beta, latest development release of Ubuntu LTS based, lightweight, out of the box functional GNU/Linux distribution. Linux Lite 3.0 marks the beginning of Linux Lite 3.x series of distributions.

Linux Lite 3.0, following it's predecessors will stay on it's core values which are simplicity, speed and freedom. Towards this goal, Linux Lite 3.0 comes with several improved software packages.

Following are some highlights of this development release of Linux Lite.
  • Lite Software - Lite Software has had an overhaul. We've added icons where there were Select boxes (thank you Misko). This helps people who identify with images and branding to easily locate their favorite software. You can select multiple programs to install by holding down Ctrl or Shift. We've also added Audacity (audio editor), Calibre (eBook reader and manager) and Pinta (Windows Paint.Net look-a-like) thanks to your suggestions.
  • Folders access from the Menu - Another community suggestion that fits perfectly with those transitioning from Windows, our target audience.
  • Share Hardware Configuration (Lite Info) - With this new addition, we've already had 400+ submissions to the Linux Lite Hardware Database. Now included starting with Series 3, this software helps those who are potentially looking to install Linux Lite, to see what computers other people are running Linux Lite on. Just a note, if you're using VirtualBox, please don't submit any reports with Share Hardware Configuration, the last thing we need is a hardware page full of virtual machines
For more information, see official release announcement published in Linux Lite forum.

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