Installing Snap packages in Ubuntu 16.04

Snap is a new kind of package format supported by Ubuntu in addition to .deb formats. The advantage of snap packages is that, it includes all its dependencies. This make installation and dependency management easy and also developers can ensure that their apps are always used with libraries with which it was made of.

An article written by Jack Wallen, published in techrepublic portal explains, how to install .snap packages in Ubuntu 16.04, latest stable release of Ubuntu.
You've heard all the noise about the latest iteration of Ubuntu. Oh Snap, you didn't? Yes you're just a bit confused. All the pundits are talking about Snap packages as if they were going to save the planet! Snap packages will cure every ailment the world has ever seen and are running for POTUS 2016.
Maybe those last bits are a bit of an exaggeration. But everyone has been going on and on about this new

I want to show you how to take care of the most basic task with Snap...installing applications. Before we get into this, I should warn you, there aren't a lot of Snap packages available yet. Even so, it's pretty cool to see how they are installed and, more importantly, that they install completely without dependency. That, in and of itself, is worth the price of admission!
See complete tutorial published in techrepublic portal.

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