How to enable global menu in Lubuntu?

Global Menu or application menu on top panel was a nice feature introduced by OS X operating system before one decade. Later Ubuntu adopted same feature in it's own desktop environment Unity shell. Now, Lubuntu, a lightweight flavor of Ubuntu featuring LXDE desktop, has got one applet to enable global application menu.

Global Application menu applet works with Lubuntu 16.04 or later versions. This feature will work with GTK2/GTK3 apps and some Qt apps. It is also warned that LibreOffice and Firefox may fail to use this feature.

This article explains steps to be followed to enable global application menu in Lubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xeruls or later releases.

Install necessary packages

$ sudo apt install xfce4-topmenu-plugin libtopmenu-client-gtk2-0 libtopmenu-server-gtk2-0 libtopmenu-client-gtk3-0 libtopmenu-server-gtk3-0 topmenu-gtk2 topmenu-gtk3

Edit start up script.

Open following start up script with your favorite text editor with proper permissions.
and then add following snippet.
export GTK_MODULES=$GTK_MODULES:topmenu-gtk-module

Now reboot your system to bring this script into action.

Add top menu applet

Right click on Lubuntu panel and add plugin named TopMenu. Additionally you may add more plugins like app button to bring window controls on top panel.

Adding top menu applet

Disclaimer : This tutorial is adopted from Lubuntu tips and tricks and webupd8 portal.

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