Fedora 24 Workstation will use improved Cantarell font

Fedora releases are well known for using upstream packages without any significant modifications. Same applies for desktop environment also. By default Fedora workstations make use of Cantarell font, a modern, elegant font created by GNOME developers.

Recently, Jakub Steiner and Nikolaus Waxweiler, current maintainers of Cantarell font,  has done some work on typeface of it font to improve it's readability appearance. So this improvement will be reflected in upcoming Fedora release, ie, Fedora 24 workstation.

Courtesy : Fedora Magazine
We talked a bit with the maintainers to get some more information. According to Steiner, maintenance of the Cantarell font had become quite stagnant. This lack was especially apparent when it comes to font hinting.

Hinting is a process that helps make a font more readable. Hinting requires precision when modifying a typeface. The developer must make use of zones that affect how the font is adjusted at different sizes. When a font is correctly designed, these zones match your font type and make it look clear and readable. To achieve this result, the design must be consistent and regular.

For instance, the horizontal zones defined in a font (see the image above) are called “blue zones.” If the lines of your typeface go outside of the blue zones, the hinting algorithm simply ignores them. This results in odd or inconsistent type appearance at different resolution or letter sizes.
For additional details, read blog post published in Fedora Magazine.

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