Fedora 24 Beta released with GNOME 3.20

Mr Paul W. Frield has announced release of Fedora 24 Beta, latest development release of upcoming Fedora 24 stable release. This release announcement is applicable for all Fedora varieties including Fedora Workstation, server, cloud images,  other Fedora spins, Fedora labs and ARM image.

Fedora 24 Workstation is coming with GNOME 3.20, latest stable release of popular desktop environment. Current beta image won't be using wayland by default, however, it can be expected in near future releases.

Under the hood, glibc has moved to 2.23. This update includes better performance, increased security, bugfixes, improvements to POSIX compliance, and additional locales. The new library is backwards compatible with the version of glibc that was shipped in Fedora 23. We’ve also updated the system compiler to GCC 6 and rebuilt all of our packages with it, providing greater code optimization and improved program error catching.

The Fedora 24 Workstation release will not default to Wayland, the next generation graphic stack, but this is planned for future releases. Wayland is available as an option, and the Workstation team would greatly appreciate your help in testing it out. Our goal is to have one full release where Wayland works almost seamlessly as a drop in replacement for X11. At that point we plan to set it as the default display server in Fedora.
For more information, see official release announcement published by Fedora Magazine.

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