Electron 1.0 is available now

The electron framework development team announced release of Electron 1.0, latest stable release of community developed framework for creating native desktop applications using web technology. Electron take care of tough parts like ensuring cross platform compatibility, so that, developers can concentrate more on functionality of application.

Electron 1.0 marks a major mile stone in the history of this two year old framework. Within this two years, it has helped a lot of developers across the globe to build great cross platform supported applications using web development technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Electron 1.0 release comes with some additional apps and plugins, which makes development easier. The Electron API Demos app will help developers to refer different APIs provided by framework along with code snippets and instructions to make applications more native. Devtron is an extension for debugging apps developed using electron. Also, Spectron, the integration testing app for electron apps gets a new release.

For the last two years, Electron has helped developers build cross platform desktop apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Now we’re excited to share a major milestone for our framework and for the community that created it. The release of Electron 1.0 is now available from electron.atom.io.

Electron 1.0 represents a major milestone in API stability and maturity. This release allows you to build apps that act and feel truly native on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Building Electron apps is easier than ever with new docs, new tools, and a new app to walk you through the Electron APIs.

We released Electron when we launched Atom a little over two years ago. Electron, then known as Atom Shell, was the framework we’d built Atom on top of. In those days, Atom was the driving force behind the features and functionalities that Electron provided as we pushed to get the initial Atom release out.
For more information, see official release announcement published by Electron development team.

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