deepin 15.2 released, another step to project's dreams

The deepin project has announced release of deepin 15.2, latest stable release of Debian based, beautiful GNU/Linux distribution from China. deepin is well known for it's unique desktop environment named deepin desktop and other deepin specific applications like deepin movies, deepin music, deepin store ..etc.

deepin 15.2 comes with a lot of new features such as new Launcher interface with intuitive search facility, improved support for safe booting. Also, for the first time deepin is shipping an optimized version of Linux Kernel which was compiled by Deepin Linux Kernel team. This optimized kernel helps deepin to improve system performance and to reduce resource consumption.

Following are some highlights of this release:
Deepin Desktop
  • Optimized desktop display, Computer and Trash icon are hidden by default (can be sent to desktop from Launcher);
  • Desktop file renaming optimized, filename extension is not included by default;
  • Fixed the issue that the upper-right hot corner-all windows can not be triggered;
  • Removed the desktop application group function.
  • Optimized Launcher interface at low resolution;
  • Fixed the issue that some applications can not be uninstalled;
  • Fixed the issue that the location displays abnormally for the small blue dot which occurs for newly installed applications;
  • Fixed the issue that Launcher might froze.
  • Optimized smart hidden;
  • Fixed the issue that an excess of windows might overlap in classic mode;
  • Fixed the issue that calendar displays abnormally after changing the date for the first time;
  • Fixed the issue that application thumbnail displays abnormally;
  • Fixed an issue that dock size displays abnormally in double screen mode.
For more features, screenshots and video preview, see release announcement published in deepin blog.

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