Debian project thanks Mythic Beasts for loaned hardware

In an official blog post, Debian project has expressed their gratitude to Mythic Beasts for providing opportunity to perform experiments on different hardware configurations. These experiments have helped Debian project to make a wise decision on selection of proper hardware components, to update existing infra structure.

Debian regularly produces many variations of installation CDs, DVDs, and live or cloud images for its users. We are due to upgrade soon to a new central build machine for image production to make the most of the latest CPU and storage technologies.

Tuning the hardware and software configuration of a large build machine can be tricky, and buying the wrong equipment can be a costly mistake in terms of finance and administration time.

To help with this, the friendly people at Mythic Beasts loaned the project a large build machine configured with 12 cores, 256 GB RAM, multiple disks, SSDs and NVMe storage. Using this machine, we were able to evaluate various possible configurations for image building to ensure we purchased the right equipment with the most value for our needs.
See original blog post published in Debian website for more details.

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