Calculate Linux 15.17 released with KDE 5

The Calculate Linux team has unveiled Calculate Linux 15.17, latest stable release of Gentoo based GNU/Linux distribution from Russia. As per tradition of this distribution, Calculate Linux 15.17 is coming in 5 varieties. The Calculate Linux Desktop ships with KDE, MATE or Xfce Desktop environments. Other varieties are Calculate Linux Scratch, Calculate Linux Directory Server, Calculate Scratch Server and Calculate Media Center.

Calculate Linux 15.17 comes with several changes, both in distribution level and also in support level. Following are some of the highlights of this release.
  • Calculate Linux Desktop was updated to KDE 5.
  • Testing and stable updates now coming separately and labelled as such.
  • Multiple instances, built with different USE flags, are available in a special repository (binpkg-multi-instance).
  • The main Git mirror migrated to Github.
  • Faster XZ compression on multi-core processors.
  • The XZ algorithm will be used from now on for initramfs, the kernel and its modules.
  • File moving and renaming issues fixed for OverlayFS.
  • Defaulting to Python 3.4.
  • More efficient mirror selection for updates.
  • Mirrors were rearranged.
For more information and download links, see official release announcement published in Calculate Linux website.

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