BackBox Linux 4.6 released; Last of 4 minor releases

The BackBox Linux developers announced release of BackBox 4.6, 4th and final update in BackBox Linux 4.x series. BackBox is an Ubuntu LTS based GNU/Linux distribution designed for penetration testing and security assessment activities.

Being a minor release, BackBox 4.6 does not offer a lot of new features, but it comes with some bug fixes and updated packages. These updated packages includes Linux Kernel 4.2 and Ruby 4.2. Existing users of BackBox 4.x can directly update their system by means of regular system update command.

The BackBox Team is pleased to announce the last of 4 minor releases... BackBox Linux 4.6! In this release we have fixed some minor bugs, configured ruby2.2 as default, updated base system and tools.

Notable highlights of this release includes:
  • Updated Linux Kernel 4.2
  • Updated Ruby 2.2
  • Updated hacking tools: beef, dirsearch, metasploit, openvas, setoolkit, volatility, wpscan, wxhexeditor, yara, etc.
For original release announcement, see BackBox Linux blog.

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