Why dnf update is very slow in Fedora and how to fix it?

DNF is package manager used in newer versions of Fedora. It is a replacement for `yum`, previous package management utility used in Fedora.

There are times when `dnf` operations(update/install) becomes extremely slow. It may take several minutes for updating even a single repository. This problem is caused by wrong selection of servers. Sometimes dnf will select some apparently slower server while updating or installing packages. This will make entire process slower.

A possible work around for this problem is to select fastest available mirror. For doing this, open dnf configuration file `/etc/dnf/dnf.conf` using your favorite text editor.
$ sudo gedit /etc/dnf/dnf.conf
Then add following line.
That's it. Now you can run dnf again and observe the difference.

Source : ask.fedoraproject

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