ScaleDB joins Canonical's Charm Partner Programme

Canonical, the team behind Ubuntu, announced joining of ScaleDB in Charm Partner Programme. ScaleDB provides a pluggable  storage engine for MariaDB/MySQL which will enable it to handle large volume and velocity streaming time-series data.

By joining Charm Partner Programme, ScaleDB can make best use of Canonical's universal application modeling tool Juju, which will help them in instant workload deployment, integration and achieving scalability.

source : Ubuntu Insights

“ScaleDB is a great fit for Canonical’s Charm Partner Program, and we are thrilled to be a part of it,” said Tom Arthur, CEO of ScaleDB. “The Canonical/Juju marketplace exposes ScaleDB to a whole new group of developers and DBAs who can now handle millions of inserts per second, with simultaneous ad hoc queries.”

“This enables a whole new class of high-velocity time-series applications. The ability to handle this level of data flow in a SQL database in the cloud is truly amazing,” said Stefan Johannson, Global Director of Software Alliances at Canonical. “Having this ability in our Charm ecosystem will enable Juju users to create a whole new class of time-series applications.”
Read original announcement in Ubuntu Insights blog.

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