Q4OS 2.1 Scorpion testing image is available now

The Q4OS has announced availability of Q4OS 2.1 Scorpion development image for testing. This testing image of Q4OS is based on Debian 9 Stretch, along with Linux Kernel 4.5 and Trinity Desktop 14.0.4. Q4OS 'Scorpion' will be marked as stable, as soon as Debian 9 stretch become stable.

We have included the 'Bourbon' start menu, the brand new default start menu in Q4OS. The two panel 'Bourbon' menu is highly efficient and customizable and features a search line, favorites, history and more options. System packages have been updated and some improvements have been ported from Q4OS Orion stable version.

We invite anyone to try out this testing Q4OS Scorpion 2.1 and report bugs and glitches, you can download live CD's for x64 and i686-pae cpu architectures from dedicated Testing releases webpage. Keep in mind, testing versions are not intended for daily use in production environments.
Read original announcement published in Q4OS blog.

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